100% Free Technical SEO Site Audit Checklist

100% Free Technical SEO Site Audit Checklist
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As an search engine optimization consultant, I was continually in search of a great search engine optimization audit tick list. One that I ought to use and gift to my customers. One I could adjust to my very own needs. One that blanketed all of the critical SEO bases. One that changed into up to date. And importantly, one which I didn’t ought to pay numerous hundred bucks for.

This, my SEO pals, is that checklist. And Moz is making it to be had to you.

One cool component approximately this audit checklist is that you could carry out it almost entirely a hundred% totally free, or using loose variations of search engine marketing equipment. This is vital for SEO starting out on a price range, or small enterprise owners who want to learn how to audit a small website online on their very own.

That said, in case you’re trying to audit medium/huge websites or quite a number pages at a time, you probably want to look at more scalable solutions, along with our Moz Pro Site Crawl which include our new Performance Metrics Beta.

Regardless, you are probable ready to dive in…

Screenshot of the Tech search engine marketing Checklist spreadsheet.
Admittedly, we are huge lovers of a number of top search engine marketing audit checklists out there, consisting of Annielytics Site Audit Checklist, Andy Drinkwater’s Checklist, and the audits to be had at SEOSLY. We’re additionally partial to Dana Dana DiTomaso’s Technical SEO route on LinkedIn.

We also like the audit tick list by means of Benjamin Estes over at BrainLabs, specifically, the bypass/fail selector for every object. While our own audit is extensively distinct, we stole integrated this feature into our very own.

Site Audit Coverage
Originally, we got down to create a solid technical search engine marketing audit checklist — one that protected all the crucial technical search engine marketing regions which could have a enormous effect on rankings/visitors and might be finished in a quick amount of time.

As we created the audit, we found out that SEOs additionally need to check other traffic-impacting site problems that aren’t always technical. Hence, we ended up with a more whole Technical search engine optimization and past website online audit — one which covers almost every important SEO location with the capability to effect traffic and scores.

Briefly, the audit checklist covers:

  1. Basics
    Here you are taking some short steps to set your audit up for fulfillment: making sure you have got analytics installed, Search Console get entry to set up, and optionally, strolling a site crawl. Go to Basics.
  2. Crawling & Indexing
    Covering the foundations of technical search engine marketing, the crawling and indexing section of the audit makes positive that search engines can find, crawl, and index your content with out undertaking. Go to Crawling & Indexing.

Three. Meta & Structured Data
Both metadata and dependent statistics have end up more and more complex in search engine marketing. Here we consist of eight short checks to make certain maximum visibility in all styles of seek results. Go to Meta & Structured Data.

Four. Content
Content isn’t always regularly considered “technical” SEO, however many technical troubles with the content itself can impact indexing and ratings. Beyond the excellent of the content itself, those technical problems need to be checked and addressed. Go to Content.

Five. Links & Navigation
Links are the roads that maintain your website together and join it to the bigger internet around the sector. Google makes use of hyperlinks in an expansion of ways to rank content, so right here we encompass eight brief audits to ensure your hyperlinks are optimized for crawling and rating. Go to Links & Navigation.

  1. Images
    Images not only add relevance to net pages, but additionally enhance engagement, and can help with ratings. Additionally, Google Images is one among the most important serps by using itself inside the international. Here we include five quick assessments to make sure your pix are as much as snuff. Go to Images.
  2. Video
    Videos play an increasingly more crucial position at the internet, but in reality, many websites pay no interest to video search engine marketing. This is one vicinity wherein Google without a doubt may not “parent it out” without strong, technical search engine marketing. Here are 4 audit items to ensure your movies can rank. Go to Video.

Eight. Mobile
Google is now mobile-first! (Well, almost there.) Most search engine marketing audits take place on computer, but doing some quick mobile tests could make the distinction between rating or now not. Go to Mobile.

  1. Speed
    Ready for Core Web Vitals? In fact, page pace has been critical to search engine optimization for years, and now there’s more interest to it than ever. Go to Speed.
  2. Security
    Many SEOs often forget about safety troubles, but Google takes it very severely. Beyond enforcing HTTPS, there are more than one areas you want to check if your site studies issues. Go to Security.
  3. International & Multilingual Sites
    This non-compulsory phase applies if your website online goals more than one languages and/or areas. Implementing hreflang and international focused on is a technically tricky place, so you want to make certain you get it right. Go to International & Multilingual Sites.
  4. Backlinks
    While backlinks are only rarely blanketed in a technical SEO audit, a lack of relevant inbound links is often the number one motive top, applicable content struggles to rank. While this doesn’t represent a entire link audit, we suggest some quick link assessments to ensure you are not leaving rankings in the back of. Go to Backlinks.

Screenshot of the Tech SEO Checklist spreadsheet.

This is a dwelling file. That means we will work to preserve this audit tick list updated as search engine marketing adjustments, so be sure to test again for brand new updates. If you have any additions or guidelines, please allow us to understand in the comments beneath.

To your search engine optimization auditing success!

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