How to Do Infographic Link Building: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Do Infographic Link Building: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Do Infographic Link Building: A Beginner’s Guide

In a distinctly aggressive search engine marketing marketplace, infographic hyperlink constructing is important to build awesome one way links from authoritative assets.


Because link constructing strategies like guest posting and hyperlink change are surely now not sufficient. You need to provide more cost to authoritative sites to get a hyperlink from them and infographics provide widespread informational and engagement value.

It’s now not sudden that infographics are quite famous and extensively used by marketers. According to a 2020 look at by CMI, 67% of the B2B entrepreneurs used infographics.

Image through Content Marketing Institute
Alright, the usage of infographics for a link-building campaign appears promising enough to move forward. But the actual capture is a way to perform infographic link constructing the proper manner.

Well, that is what this manual is set. We’ll talk the styles of infographics you may use and a way to create and market them for link-constructing purposes.

So, let’s get began.

How to Do Infographic Link Building A Beginner’s Guide
Table of Contents

1 Types of Infographics
1.1 1. Statistical Infographics
1.2 2. Informational Infographics
1.Three three. Timeline Infographics
1.4 four. Process Infographics
1.5 5. Geographic Infographics
1.6 6. Comparison Infographics
1.7 7. Hierarchical Infographics
1.8 eight. Listicle Infographics
2 How to Do Infographic Link Building in 6 Steps
2.1 1. Conduct Topic and Keyword Research
2.2 2. Do a SERP Check and Find Content for Your Infographic
2.Three 3. Create and Publish Infographic
2.3.1 Understand Your Goals and Target Audience
2.3.2 Use Visual Storytelling
2.3.Three Pick a Layout that Fits the Information
2.Three.Four Avoid Common Mistakes and Pitfalls
2.Three.5 Use Visuals that Aid Comprehension, Not Just Aesthetics
2.Three.6 Make Your Infographic Memorable
2.Three.7 Publish the Infographic to Your Website
2.Four 4. Market the Infographic on Social Media
2.4.1 Market Organically through Your Social Handles
2.4.2 Collaborate with Influencers in Your Niche
2.5 5. Perform Outreach and Distribution
2.Five.1 a. Find Relevant Websites to Share Your Infographic
2.5.2 b. Pitch Your Infographic
2.5.3 c. Submit your Infographic to Infographic Submission Sites
2.6 6. Track Your Progress
3 FAQs
four Conclusion
Types of Infographics
You need to recognize the distinct varieties of infographics you could create to get started out with infographic link building.

Here are the eight most common varieties of infographics you could pick from.

  1. Statistical Infographics
    This is the exceptional kind of infographic to present survey consequences, backup an opinion with applicable statistics, or visualize information from multiple assets.

This sort of infographic showcases your facts, and the layout or shape will assist you inform the story at the back of it. You may also use charts, icons, images, or fascinating fonts to tell your story through such infographics.

Take a study this statistical infographic wherein the dressmaker has offered a very complex set of statistics and records in an easy-to-hold close manner.

Image via Visual Capitalist

  1. Informational Infographics
    It’s the first-class preference for conveying a new concept or explaining a concept.

Generally, an informational infographic has one-of-a-kind sections explaining special but associated ideas. This design will flow nicely if each phase is colored otherwise.

In addition, we’ve discovered that readers generally tend to love infographics with sections separated by way of design elements.

Here is an example of an informational infographic explaining the concept of social distancing using numerous definitely-described sections.

Image thru Venngage
three. Timeline Infographics
Creating a timeline infographic is the satisfactory technique for conveying the chronology of some thing, highlighting sizeable dates, or summarizing events.

Because time is processed spatially, it is feasible to higher apprehend time with a visible resource which include a timeline.

Icons, traces, photographs, and descriptions assist you explain and plot timeline facts well.

Check the under example of a timeline infographic that may be used for link-constructing.

Image thru a hundred and one Blockchains

  1. Process Infographics
    Also called ‘how-to infographics,” a system infographic is the quality visual for list the stairs in a procedure. You can simplify and clarify every step using a procedure infographic.

Process infographics are regularly trustworthy and flow vertically from pinnacle to backside or horizontally from left to proper. Following a process can be much less difficult in case you variety the steps and use arrows to direct from one step to the subsequent.

Here is an example of a manner infographic.

Image via Medium

  1. Geographic Infographics
    Geographic infographics are the quality choice for visualizing information like target audience demographics, locations, and so on.

Designers use maps because the visible attention in geographic infographics. Different map charts are suitable for exceptional types of facts.

See how elegantly CB Insights has illustrated tech startups by way of vicinity within the following infographic.

Image thru CB Insights

  1. Comparison Infographics
    A contrast infographic is the right infographic to compare two different alternatives in an impartial manner or to make one look advanced than the opposite.

Typically, evaluation infographics are divided down the center, both vertically or horizontally, with one alternative on every side.

Look at this thoughtfully offered assessment of Android and iOS.

Image thru Pinterest

  1. Hierarchical Infographics
    Typically, this form of infographic consists of a pyramid and is used for educational purposes. From a advertising and marketing and hyperlink-building attitude, you can use those to educate your customers.

Here is an example:

Image thru Quora
eight. Listicle Infographics
It’s encouraged to create a listing infographic in case you want to proportion a listing of resources, examples, or tips.

Although list infographics are commonly trustworthy, your goal ought to be to cause them to extra visually attractive than a conventional listing.

You can, for example, use icons to begin bulleted lists and specific colored fonts to make each detail stand out.

For instance, take a look at out the subsequent listicle infographic.

Image through Venngage
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How to Do Infographic Link Building in 6 Steps
Following is the step-by way of-step technique for infographic link building.

  1. Conduct Topic and Keyword Research
    The first step for infographic link constructing is to pick out a excessive-extent keyword to target.

You don’t want to create an infographic on a subject or key-word that is not actively widespread on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Hence, pick out from the trending keywords to your niche. Here is how you may behavior keyword research.

Use a keyword research device, like the ones through Semrush or Ahrefs, and search for a extensive enterprise time period relevant to your commercial enterprise.

You’ll find a list of related keywords and key-word thoughts to pick from. Pick a few keywords and take a look at their performance metrics like search quantity and problem rating in detail.

Here’s an instance of the type of data you can discover on Semrush.

Image thru Semrush
Pick a keyword that isn’t always very tough to rank for, is particular and relevant to your niche, and has a first rate search extent.

Now, do a SERP test for that key-word to discover the top-ranking content for that keyword to determine on a subject to your infographic.

  1. Do a SERP Check and Find Content for Your Infographic
    The subsequent step in the infographic hyperlink building method is to do thorough research on what content and visuals to encompass for your infographic.

Perform a Google look for the keyword to peer what infographics are ranking at the SERP.

Here is how you can do it:

Search for “keyword” “infographic” on Google.

Image through Google
With this easy search operator, you’ll discover a variety of infographics which might be rating on the SERP for your chosen key-word.

Go through all of the top-rating ones to pick out content gaps (what those infographics are lacking) and create a better infographic.

Find applicable information, numbers, examples, statistics, and different pertinent statistics on your selected subject matter. Once you have all of the data you need to create a records-packed infographic, flow to the following step within the infographic hyperlink constructing procedure.

  1. Create and Publish Infographic
    The subsequent step inside the infographic hyperlink constructing manner is to create the infographic and submit it in your internet site.

Your infographic ought to be visually attractive, well-prepared, informative, and useful. You want to use the artwork of visible storytelling to tell a tale thru your infographic and interact your target market.

But, how do you frame your content within the maximum remarkable way?

Let’s speak how you can create a compelling infographic for hyperlink building.

Understand Your Goals and Target Audience
Of route, your cause in the back of creating infographics is hyperlink constructing. But still, you have to make it really worth it for humans to examine and proportion the infographic.

Your infographic might be used for instructing customers or personnel or raising recognition about a subject, or some thing else. In any case, it’s far important to keep your audience and objective in thoughts when creating an infographic.

Consider identifying what you can provide as a takeaway. Ask yourself whether it’ll be beneficial to your target market.
Try to make your infographic comprehensible by way of doing away with technical jargon and the use of phrases your audience will apprehend.
Make sure that the facts backs your argument and provides fee to it.
Take a take a look at the following infographic that tells human beings when to get a flu shot the usage of a simple drift chart. Given that the motive is to teach the general public, this infographic does a great process of keeping matters simple.

Image through Venngage
This is likewise an incredible infographic because it’s so actionable.

Anyone analyzing this can learn whilst, why, and whether or not to get a flu shot as well as other approaches to avoid and mitigate a flu contamination. This is some thing everyone can recognise.

On the other hand, the following infographic consists of plenty of technical terms, so it can no longer be suitable for all audiences. However, if the target market is health workers, they might locate it informational.

Image via Azuravesta Design
Use Visual Storytelling
Data storytelling is a super approach for steering your target market via numbers and complicated information. Knowing what your target audience need to recognize is one aspect, but supporting them get there is some other.

Infographics are extremely good for telling a story by using imparting statistics in a logical waft.

Instead of throwing numerous records and graphs into your infographic, you should prepare the data in an order that forms a story. You can start through determining your start line and end.

Also, take into account your infographic as a visual map of taking your reader from point A to B. And simplest while you offer the viewers with an thrilling and attractive journey they’ll arrive on the destination.

Check the subsequent infographic to see a way to use storytelling to convey crucial information.

Image thru Headway Capital
The infographic starts offevolved by using introducing the target market to the concern the use of a concise summary of why it’s miles important to them and what the infographic covers.

Additionally, the information is made actionable through the suggestions provided within the infographic.

Pick a Layout that Fits the Information
It changed into easy to navigate through the closing instance due to the fact the layout turned into intended to assist with the data and reason of the infographic.

Some facts is extra complicated to arrange as visible content material than an organized list, a sequential manner, or a timeline.

In a few cases, you may create a side-with the aid of-side evaluation, however other instances, you could have a pile of facts you aren’t positive the way to integrate.

In such instances, choosing a template will help you in brainstorming a way to organize the records right into a coherent complete.

For instance, the following infographic consists of a selection of facts, such as quantitative records and express descriptions. The records has been grouped into themes which are beneficial for the target market to understand.

Image through Visme
The point is that you have to select a topic before you begin developing your infographic.

If you don’t have a committed designer in-house, you may use online photo designing gear like Canva to create infographics.

The best part is that these gear will provide you with equipped-made templates that you may pick out from.

Pro Tip: If you actually can’t parent out a way to arrange your records, truly create nicely-described and distinct sections. Thank us later for this trick.

Avoid Common Mistakes and Pitfalls
There are some errors you should keep away from when creating an infographic. Here are a number of them:

Including needless descriptions and charts just for the sake of visualization
Overloading the infographic with visible litter
Not designing to your audience
Just focusing on the layout, not on comprehension
Getting started out without acting key-word studies
Avoid those while developing infographics for hyperlink constructing functions.

Use Visuals that Aid Comprehension, Not Just Aesthetics
One mistake many photograph designers make whilst creating infographics for hyperlink building is that they completely focus at the visible appeal and absolutely forget about the comprehension element.

Many graphic designers don’t have an know-how of graphs and charts. For information visualization, they simply select something chart/graph suits properly inside the layout.

That’s why it’s vital for content writers to paintings along photo designers to make sure that the infographics are making sense and are smooth to recognize.

Following are a few pointers for selecting the right visual, however take into account that the visuals must be relevant to your content material:

Bar charts are the first-class for data comparisons.
If you’re managing geographical information, it’s higher in case you plot it on maps.
Use horizontal line graphs, glide charts, or timelines for time-related facts.
Venn diagrams and mind maps are super for explaining subject matters.
If you need to elicit feelings, it’s higher to use photographs of human faces.
Make Your Infographic Memorable
In a international coping with content overdose, you want your infographic to stand out. So use your creativity to make your target audience consider your infographic.

At the same time, don’t take so much creative freedom that misleads or diverts your audience from the middle takeaway of the infographic.

It’s essential to find a balance among creativity and comprehension.

Take a take a look at the subsequent infographic wherein the clothier may want to’ve proven information over the map in a sincere way; instead, she picked the innovative route and got here up with this fascinating layout.

Infographic by using ANNUKKA MÄKIJÄRV
Once you’ve created a relevant, clean-to-recognise, and remarkable infographic, circulate to the following step.

Publish the Infographic to Your Website
The subsequent aspect you ought to do is submit the infographic to your website so that different bloggers and creators (who share your infographic) have a URL to link lower back to.

The first-rate approach to publishing an infographic for link constructing is to create a brand new weblog submit/web page with relevant content material and an infographic embed code container.

Here is how you could do it:

Write Supporting Content
Write a short and attractive intro masking a number of the factors blanketed inside the infographic and encourage human beings to test out the infographic to research extra.

Your intro desires to influence the reader to stay with you until the bottom of the web page (or as a minimum until the infographic seems).

Also, write 500+ words of extra content material underneath the infographic so that you get the room to make the page search engine marketing-pleasant via the usage of relevant keywords. Ensure that the content material have to be related to the infographic.

Publish Your Infographic
Once you’ve written the supporting content, the following step to infographic link building is to put up the content material together with the infographic in your internet site.

Remember that infographics could have heavy record sizes, which means that it would take longer to load.

Here is what you could do to make your infographic simpler to load for a better on-page search engine optimization:

Convert your infographic to WebP format.
If wanted, compress your infographic thru equipment like TinyPNG or WordPress plugins like Smush.
Lastly, make sure to encompass a line announcing that express permission is required to proportion/use the infographic in trade for a hyperlink inside the footer.

To make it easier for humans to share your infographic on their website, you can place an embed code at the bottom of the page.

This way, your user can effortlessly copy the code and paste it into their web site HTML to get get entry to to the infographic, and in return, you’ll get a one-way link.

There are numerous loose on-line embed code generator gear you could use. Here is one to get you began – Embed Code Generator Tool 4. Market the Infographic on Social Media
Before you bounce on creating an infographic outreach marketing campaign supposed for hyperlink building, try to get your infographic viral over social structures. This will generate natural inbound links for your infographic web page.

Focus on the social media systems which have the high-quality target audience on your infographic.

Following are the pinnacle structures wherein you may publish your infographics:

Pinterest: Being a visual content material seek engine, Pinterest is the best platform to sell infographics for hyperlink constructing.
Twitter: Here, you could use relevant hashtags and pay-according to-overall performance advertisements to get your infographics viral.
LinkedIn: Best for making your infographic reach experts from different companies who might be interested by publishing it on their web sites.
There are important approaches you can promote your infographic on social media—organically and with the assist of influencers.

Market Organically thru Your Social Handles
Create a content strategy that includes sharing sneak peeks of your infographic to create hype and force traffic on your website.

You can proportion small sections of your infographic, as they’re perfect for social media and give just enough statistics to make human beings curious to learn more.

Post a few tweets about your latest infographic and proportion an excerpt from your infographic on Twitter or LinkedIn. This need to increase your referral visitors and assist in infographic hyperlink building.

But what if you don’t have a big following and engagement for your social handles?

Then, take into account the subsequent.

Collaborate with Influencers in Your Niche
When you don’t have a strong social presence, working with influencers for your niche may be a winning approach for infographic link building.

But how do you locate and attain out to these humans to your niche?

It’s simple. Just head to your preferred social platform and look for hashtags related to your area of interest.

For example, when you have to locate influencers in the virtual marketing niche, you can truly search for “#digitalmarketing” and look through the outcomes.

Image thru Twitter
Check out the pinnacle posts and you’ll find influencers to your niche.

Alternatively, you may use one of the numerous influencer search tools to be had within the marketplace to behavior a greater centered seek.

Once you perceive 5-10 influencers who often put up at the social structures, you may attain out to them by using sending an instantaneous message or electronic mail.

You can say some thing like,” I’ve recently created an infographic on [insert topic here], and I believe your readers might experience it. Please check it out and share in case you locate it useful?”

The factor is to proportion the infographic with them and request a percentage. You can also provide economic compensation for a greater formal collaboration.

Five. Perform Outreach and Distribution
Infographic outreach is an infographic link-building method with which you could advantage credible hyperlinks, mentions, and exposure.

Following are the pinnacle ways for infographic hyperlink constructing through outreach and distribution.

A. Find Relevant Websites to Share Your Infographic
The predominant approach to infographic link building is accomplishing out to bloggers and webmasters of relevant websites for your area of interest and asking them to submit your infographic.

Bloggers generally tend to have a excessive area authority and internet site visitors, this means that if you can get your infographic featured there, you earn first rate one-way links.

But how do you locate these web sites and bloggers for infographic link constructing?

There are several strategies to discover domain names (together with blogs) in your area of interest that be given infographic posting requests. Let’s undergo them one after the other.

Google Search Operators

The maximum truthful manner to find domains for infographic link-building is to use Google Search Operators.

Google Search Operators are phrases and emblems that assist Google in improving SERP effects. You can tell Google what it must encompass or exclude in the SERP using search operators.

For example, you could quote a search query (which include “infographic link building”) to make certain that Google only returns those URLs that include an same healthy for the textual content you searched for.

Here is how you can use google seek operators to locate domain names for infographic link building:

Search for “[your keyword]” blog, and you’ll discover blogs which might be applicable on your infographic topic.

For example, if your infographic is set purchaser conduct, you may look for the following queries:

“Consumer conduct” weblog
“Customer behavior” blog
“Customer shopping for behavior” blog

Image thru Google
You can see with this easy search, you may get articles relevant in your topic, so as to lead you to the right websites.

Analyzing Competitors’ Backlinks

Another way to find web sites for infographic hyperlink constructing is with the aid of reading competition’ backlinks and locating the web sites that they’re getting one way links from.

Here is how you could do it:

Use an SEO device like Semrush or Ahrefs to extract the competitors’ inbound links information.

For example, you can get the list of domain names where your competitor has built inbound links through putting their particular page (which ranks to your centered keyword) inside the Semrush tool.

Image thru Semrush
This need to unveil many net pages from where your competitor is getting one way links.

Image thru Semrush
You can definitely go to those net pages and find infographic link building possibilities on relevant blogs on those precise domain names.

If you have got hassle locating applicable weblog posts on a selected domain, try this search operator: website online:area.Com “your keyword”.

This ought to get you all of the applicable web pages and blogs in that precise domain, wherein you can look for infographic link-building opportunities.

B. Pitch Your Infographic
When you’ve found the proper web sites for link constructing, look for the proper spots within the websites in which your infographic can upload price to the reader.

For example, this blog on client acquisition fee has a content material gap in phrases of explaining customer adventure. Also, the weblog doesn’t have visible content material in it.

Image via The Customer
Here, the addition of an infographic can aid the blog’s clarity and content best. You can really reach out to the web site editor or admin and recommend your infographic for this weblog like this:

Hi (NAME),

I turned into gaining knowledge of a few brilliant blogs on (BLOG TOPIC) today once I got here throughout your piece: (ARTICLE TITLE).

Very insightful stuff!

Actually, I these days designed an infographic on (YOUR TOPIC), which may be a exceptional addition to your article.

I’ve attached the infographic to this e mail. Do test it out and permit me recognize in case you’d like to embed it into your blog.


Your Name

If the web page proprietor or editor responds definitely in your email, you may share your embed code with them and ask for a link in your original infographic.

And similar to that, you get an authoritative and contextual backlink.

C. Submit your Infographic to Infographic Submission Sites
Another infographic link-constructing technique is to publish your infographic to websites that allow direct infographic submissions.

There are several paid as well as unfastened infographic directories and submission websites in which you could put up your infographic for link-constructing functions.

To find infographic submission sites, definitely search for “infographic submission” and you’ll discover a list of domains in which you could publish your infographic.

To get you began fast, here is a listing of web sites you may use for infographic hyperlink constructing:

Hope they’re beneficial to you. But, in case you want to get get right of entry to to a extensive kind of backlinking domain names, you could get our Link Chest. It will provide you with a ready-to-use list of 2000+ inbound link possibilities from high-authority websites.

Generally, the infographic submission websites are looking for clean, creative, and amusing new infographics related to all industries.

Although, a few might also ask you the following in conjunction with the infographic:

Infographic title
Unique and non-plagiarized content of one hundred-500 phrases
Infographic embed code
Original supply of the infographic
Author bio
Make certain you’ve got them geared up whilst submitting your infographic for hyperlink constructing purposes.

Do you need loads of easy-to-get one-way links?
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  1. Track Your Progress
    Infographic link building is a time and resource-consuming method.

Hence, it is crucial to keep track of the hyperlinks, stocks, and retweets you get hold of a good way to make sure you are heading inside the proper direction.

The motive is that you could lose hyperlinks over the years because of a spread of motives:

The linking website has deleted your infographic submission
The linking website has eliminated your link
They may additionally have used a wrong model of your URL at the same time as linking
Whatever the motive, dropping back-links way that all the paintings you’ve accomplished for infographic link constructing has been a waste.

You can use the back link checking gear to hold a watch to your inbound links.

Also, bloggers now and again use infographics with out linking to the source on their websites. This is a missed infographic hyperlink-building possibility for you.

How can you remedy the situation?

You can use Google Image Search to find such web sites and request a hyperlink from them. Don’t neglect to thank them for proposing your infographic and provide them the embed code or a hyperlink to the original source.


  1. Can you positioned links in infographics?

Yes, you ought to make your infographics clickable and hyperlink to the unique supply whenever possible.

You can make your infographic clickable by using the usage of the following code in the HTML:

  1. How do you carry out infographic link building and enhance your search engine optimization?

Here is how you could do infographic link building:

Create a compelling infographic on a trending subject matter niche
Publish your infographic for your internet site
Market your infographic on social platforms
Reach out to influencers to your area of interest and ask them to share your infographic
Find bloggers and similar web sites to percentage your infographic
Suggest infographic addition to these blogs and web sites
Submit your infographic to infographic submission websites
Track your progress through search engine optimization tools
three. What are the varieties of infographics I can use for link building?

Following are the maximum not unusual kinds of infographics entrepreneurs use for link constructing:

Statistical infographics
Informational infographics
Timeline infographics
Process infographics
Geographical infographics
Comparison infographics
Hierarchical infographics
Listicle infographics
four. How do I create a compelling infographic for hyperlink building?

Here is how you could create appealing infographics in your subsequent hyperlink-constructing campaign:

Conduct key-word and content studies
Avoid useless and incorrect info
Identity motive and make it beneficial
Use storytelling
Pick a suitable layout in your info
Include applicable facts and research
Use visuals
Use your creativity

  1. Does link constructing nonetheless work?

Investing in a link-building campaign can still be one of the only search engine optimization approaches for enhancing a website’s visibility.

As Google continues to assess a domain’s credibility based on exceptional backlinks, you ought to be aware that hyperlink constructing stays an important search engine marketing approach.

Following are the great techniques for link constructing:

Guest posting
Participating in conversations and community paperwork
Infographic hyperlink building
Broken link constructing
Unlinked mentions
Building hyperlinks via commercial enterprise directories and nearby listings
Helping a reporter out (HARO)
Expert roundups and participations
When doing infographic link building, you want to make sure that you create one way links from domain names which have excessive domain authority and coffee junk mail score.

You have to also observe some of the not unusual hyperlink constructing high-quality practices endorsed with the aid of specialists. Use our hyperlink building tick list to get a comprehensive guide to link constructing.

And in case you want assist with different components of search engine marketing, down load our complete search engine optimization tick list and raise your SEO overall performance. All the high-quality!

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