How to Find a Sitemap of Every Website: 8 Simple Hacks

How to Find a Sitemap of Every Website (8 Simple Hacks)

How to Find a Sitemap of Every Website (8 Simple Hacks)

Do you need to know the way to discover a sitemap on a website?

You’re on the proper spot.

While the procedure of locating a sitemap is reasonably easy, it’s an crucial one too.

Hint: It impacts your page indexing.

And that’s why it’s critical to recognise all the approaches through which you may reach a sitemap.

But why do you want to discover a sitemap in the first region? And what are the numerous approaches thru which you could achieve this?

To assist you through it all, we’ve prepare this unique manual.

How to Find a Sitemap of Every Website (eight Simple Hacks)
Table of Contents

1 What is a Sitemap?
2 Why Should You Look at a Sitemap?
2.1 1. For Your Site
2.2 2. To Spy on Your Competitors
three How to Find a Sitemap on a Website: 8 Ways
3.1 1. Find Sitemap from URL
three.2 2. Use robots.Txt
three.3 3. Leverage Google Search Console
3.Four four. Use Google Search
three.Five 5. Leverage an Online Tool
three.6 6. Use Bing Webmaster Tools
3.7 7. Discover Using Your CMS
3.8 8. Look for Other Sitemaps
three.8.1 HTML
three.8.2 RSS
three.Eight.Three TXT
3.Eight.4 Atom
four FAQs
five Final Thoughts
What is a Sitemap?
Before we delve into how you could discover a sitemap, it’s crucial to understand what makes it crucial in the first area.

In simple terms, a sitemap is a list of all the pages for your website. This sitemap could be in the form of HTML or XML documents.

For this put up, we’ll be looking at XML sitemaps which characteristic a listing of all of the pages in your internet site within the shape of URLs.

The purpose for this is that XML sitemaps are the maximum bendy. This allows you to hyperlink more than one sitemaps and language-unique pages too.

What’s more?

Along with the URLs, these XML sitemaps additionally include metadata approximately each URL. The statistics contained in this metadata includes:

Last update date
Number of pictures
Page priority
An XML sitemap might look something like this:

Alternatively, it could appearance some thing like this too:

But enough about the appears and content of a sitemap report.

Why is it vital, although?

A sitemap performs a prime position in how serps work and that they help search engines like google and yahoo like Google recognize what’s on your internet site by way of showing a listing of all of the pages on it.

Using this very sitemap, seek engine crawlers are able to discover their manner round your internet site and crawl it.

In a nutshell, a sitemap simplifies the crawling and indexing technique for Googlebot and this can accelerate the indexation of your pages in the SERPs.

And how do you inform Google about your sitemap?

You upload it to Google Search Console. You can head to “Sitemaps” and post the URL of your sitemap there.

Image via Google Search Console
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Why Should You Look at a Sitemap?
As referred to above, sitemaps come up with a direct check out all of the content on a specific website.

But why ought to you have a look at one inside the first vicinity?

Let’s test the reasons.

  1. For Your Site
    This is the plain purpose for the usage of a sitemap. Sitemap plays a prime function in terms of search engine marketing. It’s as a result critical to test if you’ve were given one for your internet site.

What’s greater?

When you check your sitemap, you could see if all the content material and pages for your website are getting introduced to it or not.

Additionally, you may submit the sitemap manually to Google for indexing your website too.

  1. To Spy on Your Competitors
    A sitemap suggests you all the pages on a competitor’s website. As a end result, when you see the sitemap, you’ll be able to get an perception into numerous matters about their internet site.

You’d be capable of locate in the event that they’ve were given more pages than your website.

Additionally, it’ll provide you with perception into their website’s shape. Based on that, you may figure out if you need to alternate your website shape.

What’s extra?

You can also leverage the competitor’s sitemap to become aware of new content material thoughts for your internet site. It can also come up with an insight into their key-word method.

These insights may be used to inform your method.

How to Find a Sitemap on a Website: 8 Ways
Now which you have a very good idea of what a sitemap index report is and why it’s vital, permit’s check how you may find it on a website.

So, let’s dive proper in.

  1. Find Sitemap from URL
    The maximum trustworthy way to find your sitemap is to manually key in a set of not unusual sitemap URLs. Some of the most commonplace ones are:

Most sitemaps would preferably be located on any of those URLs and you could without problems discover them. The motive in the back of that is that a whole lot of sitemaps, specifically on WordPress, are created by means of pinnacle plugins like RankMath and Yoast SEO.

These plugins mechanically generate XML sitemaps on these URLs.

Some of the alternative viable locations for sitemaps are:


  1. Use robots.Txt
    If you fail to discover the XML sitemap directly, you might have to choose a different approach to find it. This is where robots.Txt comes into the photograph.

This is a special record that has guidelines for seek engine robots for crawling your website. A internet site may have placed its sitemap URL in this record as well due to the fact it might make it clean for seek engine bots to locate it.

And this will mean that you could discover a sitemap here too.

That brings up the following question.

How do you find robots.Txt on a website?

To view robots.Txt, you could navigate to “sitename.Com/robots.Txt”.

For instance, notice how our robots.Txt document has links to our sitemaps.

Three. Leverage Google Search Console
Now, that is a technique you may handiest use when you have get entry to to a specific website’s seek console.

This approach which you’d basically be capable of get a sitemap of websites you very own.

However, this procedure is possibly the perfect many of the lot.

How, you would possibly ask?

All you’ve were given to do is head to “Sitemaps” on Google Search Console and also you’ll have a listing of all the sitemaps of your website.

Image via Google Search Console
Here, you’ll be capable of see a listing of all the sitemaps which have been submitted to Google Search Console.

Image through Google Search Consol
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four. Use Google Search
Yet another beneficial tactic that you could appoint to discover a sitemap is to leverage Google search. You can use Google search operators for your benefit right here as they are able to filter out the quest outcomes and assist you discover the sitemap of a given website.

Some of the search operators you can leverage here encompass:

web page:
And how can you use them?

You can use a mixture of these to 0 in at the XML sitemap. For example, you may use the beneath aggregate to begin.

Web site:sitename.Com filetype:xml

Just replace sitename.Com with the website you need to locate the XML report for. However, do note that this may no longer paintings for every other website.

Image through Google
You may additionally should strive a aggregate of different search operators to get a few end result here as now not every sitemap can also display up in search results.

What’s greater?

Many XML sitemaps may not be indexable by way of Google too. These clearly gained’t show up in seek consequences.

Case in factor — many WordPress plugin-generated sitemaps may not get indexed inside the SERPs because the plugins add the noindex tag to them.

(Find other beneficial plugins and search engine optimization hints. Check out our checklist.)

five. Leverage an Online Tool
While maximum of the alternative techniques to find a sitemap revolve round some form of manual effort, this method automates the technique.

There are several on-line equipment that you may leverage to discover a sitemap. One of the most famous ones which could do the activity for you is the search engine optimization Site Checkup tool.

It has a built-in device to discover the sitemap of a website and all you have to do is prime in the URL of a internet site within the search box.

Image through SEO Site Checkup
On clicking “Checkup”, the tool will start attempting to find a sitemap at the entered internet site. Once it unearths the sitemap, it’ll display the search outcomes with the list of sitemaps as you may see beneath.

Image thru search engine marketing Site Checkup

  1. Use Bing Webmaster Tools
    You don’t must stop at Google whilst you need to find a sitemap. There are numerous other engines like google and one of the maximum outstanding ones among them is Bing.

If you’ve submitted a sitemap to Bing, you can without difficulty find it via heading to Bing Webmaster Tools.

All you have to do is log in to Bing Webmaster Tools and pick out Sitemaps. There, you’ll find a listing of all the sitemaps you’ve submitted.

However, this step would most effective work when you have a Bing Webmaster Tools account in your website. Also, you wouldn’t be able to discover the sitemap of any other website the usage of this technique.

  1. Discover Using Your CMS
    One of the alternative greater useful methods of locating a sitemap of a website is through its content material control system (CMS).

Now, there are various CMSes out there and each one may keep the sitemaps in a different way. That’s why step one that you need to take here could be to pick out the CMS of the target internet site.

And how can you do this?

You’d should leverage a tool to do that as there’s no way of going approximately this manually. A tool like Built With or WhatCMS permit you to right here.

All you need to do is enter the URL of a internet site in the seek box and the tool will discover the CMS for you.

Image through WhatCMS
But finding the CMS is handiest half of the warfare won.

Once you’ve observed the CMS utilized by the target internet site, you want to determine out the location of the sitemap primarily based on it.

WordPress is one of the maximum popular CMSes available and many of the websites you can goal might probably be using it as their CMS.

When it comes to WordPress, the sitemaps would be placed at sitename.Com/wp-sitemap.Xml.

However, if the internet site has chosen to leverage a plugin to create the sitemap, you can have to test URLs like:

On the contrary, if the CMS is any other one which include Squarespace, Joomla, Shopify, and many others., then it’s surprisingly clean to find the sitemap.

In maximum of these CMSes, the sitemap is located at sitename.Com/sitemap.Xml.

  1. Look for Other Sitemaps
    Well, XML sitemaps are the most common ones out there. However, if all the above strategies fail to find out the XML sitemap, you might have hit a lifeless stop.

What can you do in this situation?

The next logical step might be to attempt to discover different forms of sitemaps that a website may have. As mentioned before, a website ought to have HTML and RSS sitemaps too, amongst others.

Let’s see how you could discover them.

HTML sitemap is normally supposed for the customers but it may additionally help the quest engine robots. You can discover it at sitename.Com/sitemap. Alternatively, you can locate its hyperlink inside the footer of a internet site as properly.

RSS sitemap is the RSS feed of your website. This is typically located at sitename.Com/rss or sitename.Com/rss.Xml.

Some websites additionally would possibly have a text sitemap. This is essentially a easy text record and can be located at sitename.Com/sitemap.Txt.

Atom is yet another syndication layout and you can locate the sitemap at sitename.Com/atom.Xml

There’s more…
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  1. How to discover a sitemap of a website?

Here are the exclusive ways through which you can find a sitemap:

Find sitemap from URL
Use robots.Txt
Leverage Google Search Console
Use Google search
Leverage a web tool
Use Bing Webmaster Tools
Discover thru CMS

  1. How to find a sitemap in WordPress?

To find a sitemap in WordPress, you may head to this sort of URLs:

sitename.Com/put up-sitemap.Xml
three. How to create an XML sitemap?

You can either go approximately growing a sitemap manually or leverage a WordPress plugin like RankMath or Yoast search engine marketing for it. Many CMSes, inclusive of WordPress, now create an XML sitemap automatically.

Four. Which are the most common XML sitemap URLs?

To discover a sitemap from a URL, you can head to someone of these:


  1. Which seek operators can you operate to discover an XML sitemap?

Some of the quest operators you could use to locate an XML sitemap encompass:

web page:
Final Thoughts
It’s important to recognise a way to find a sitemap so that you can speedy discover all of the URLs of a specific internet site. It makes navigating through it extraordinarily easy.

What’s more?

A sitemap is likewise essential from an search engine optimization perspective and it’s crucial that you take a look at your sitemap too.

There are several ways of locating a sitemap — each automated and manual methods. From Google Search Console to the use of search operators, there are various processes you may hire. Want to study greater about SEO and how you may do it proper in your commercial enterprise? Check out our SEO Checklist.

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