How to Find and Leverage Expired Domains for SEO

How to Find and Leverage Expired Domains for SEO

How to Find and Leverage Expired Domains for search engine marketing

How to Find and Leverage Expired Domains for search engine marketing

Did you recognize that you could purchase expired domain names and use them to improve your SEO?

Well, a variety of humans don’t. Sadly, notwithstanding its effectiveness, using expired domain names remains an underrated search engine optimization method.

In this submit, you may analyze all about the blessings of using expired domain names and how they let you increase traffic and authority. You may also examine the pinnacle places to buy expired domains and approaches to leverage them for your benefit.

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How to discover and leverage expired domains for search engine marketing
Table of Contents

1 What are Expired Domains?
2 Why Should You Search for Expired Domains?
2.1 Create a Microsite
2.2 Direct Traffic to Your Site
2.3 Build a Blog Network
2.4 Recover the Old Site
2.5 Resell It for a Profit
three How to Find Expired Domains
3.1 Domain Registrars
3.2 Auction Sites
3.3 Domain Name Marketplaces
4 How to Select the Right Expired Domains
4.1 Backlinks
4.2 Traffic
4.3 Content
four.Four Domain Age
4.5 Domain Authority
four.6 Indexing
4.7 Bonus Tips
five FAQs
6 Ready to Find and Use Expired Domains for SEO?
What are Expired Domains?
When you purchase a domain, it’s no longer a one-time purchase, however you want to make annual bills to maintain the usage of the area. When web page proprietors do now not renew their domain registration, the domain receives expired.

In such cases, the host renders such domains/web sites inactive.

The site owners usually get some grace duration to increase their payments after which the domain can be offered off at public sale websites with the aid of the host.

But why might a person purchase expired domain names?

Find out within the subsequent segment.

Why Should You Search for Expired Domains?
Expired domain names had been as soon as active websites and might have gathered some authority and traffic while they had been active. When you purchase expired domains, you get these kinds of advantages inside the deal.

Basically, if you play your playing cards proper, you can get profitable expired domain names that also have some authority and back-links.

Here are a number of the approaches you can use expired domain names.

Create a Microsite
You can take advantage of expired domains’ authority via creating a microsite within your essential website. Use such domain names to create a hard and fast of relevant net pages (microsite) in order to work independently within your important website.

This will not only help you get greater traffic however will even enhance your website’s authority,

Direct Traffic to Your Site
Another manner to leverage expired domain names to get extra traffic on your website is by way of putting in 301 redirects. If the expired domain had a regular flow of site visitors before it were given inactive, possibilities are that it’ll get some of it again once it turns into energetic once more.

How are you able to capitalize on that?

Set up redirects from man or woman web pages on that internet site to corresponding pages on yours. This way, you’ll instantly earn a number of the visitors that the domain was getting.


301 redirects basically tell serps that the content or the web page has moved to a new vicinity. So, Google will don’t forget the new web page (wherein a redirect is pointing) as the updated region for the antique content. 301 redirects will send all of the traffic and link juice to the new page.

However, for this tactic to paintings, you want to set up 1:1 redirects for every web page at the antique web site on your important website, with the same or comparable content. That is why it is essential which you buy expired domain names within your niche.

Build a Blog Network
This method works pleasant if you buy numerous expired domains inside your niche and use them for building backlinks on your fundamental website.

You can create an entire network of blogs with applicable content material pertaining on your area of interest and have them hyperlink each other and in your major site.

Recover the Old Site
Sometimes you could locate expired domains which have accurate content material relevant for your area of interest and a first rate quantity of site visitors and authority. In such cases, you can actually get better the antique web site and use it to your advantage.

Building authority for a new web site can also take years. Using expired domains can come up with a headstart as it’d have already got some authority and excellent content.

Resell It for a Profit
This is not precisely one of the search engine marketing strategies, but just any other way in which you could use expired domain names. You can purchase expired domain names that you think could be in call for and sell them for a earnings to people who need them more than you.

Well, now that you realize why expired domain names are beneficial for search engine optimization, permit’s talk the way to discover expired domains that you could use.

Ready to get commenced?

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How to Find Expired Domains
There are unique kinds of equipment that you may use to locate expired domains on your area of interest. Almost all of these will offer you with seek filters to kind the list and discover exactly what you’re searching out.

Ready to learn the extraordinary varieties of equipment at your disposal?

Here you cross.

Domain Registrars
Domain registrars are basically the sites from which you can buy domains. These sites have a whole list of to be had, energetic, and expired domain names.

Using area registrars like GoDaddy, you could locate splendid expired domains within your niche. These web sites usually have enough filters to help you locate the proper sorts of expired domains which you want.

You can, for instance, search for expired domains through key phrases, site visitors, domain age, extensions, and extra.

GoDaddy additionally runs area name auctions, so that you can bid for the expired domains which you like. Or you can definitely locate the proprietor of an present area and phone the proprietor to look in the event that they’re inclined to sell.

Another registrar this is exceptional for finding expired domains is DomCop. You can use it to discover expired domain names with superb back-links in order to immediately help you with SEO.

Image through DomCop
Pro Tip: Another advantage of buying from a registrar is that there might be no downtime and also you won’t need to exchange the registrar after buy.

Auction Sites
These are the web sites wherein hosts can sell expired domain names that have been inactive for some time. These can be registrars or 1/3-celebration websites that deal mainly with auctions.

The handiest drawback of taking this course is that there is no higher limit at the rate of a site because it depends on how an awful lot people are inclined to bid. So, in case you get right into a bidding struggle with someone, the expenses can upward push hastily.

Still, it’s far an powerful way to get hold of coveted expired domains on your niche.

Here are some public sale sites that you may test:


Image via NameJet
You actually want to create an account, offer your credit score card data, and begin bidding. The platform charges a 2.5% transaction charge for both the sale and buy of expired domains.


Image via Sedo
This is any other exact public sale site that you could use to quick locate applicable expired domain names. It also offers 3 exclusive forms of public sale formats to choose from and takes a 15% commission on all finished transactions.

Domain Name Marketplaces
Marketplaces vary from auction sites in a single key aspect—the expenses are fixed and, greater regularly than not, you may see the precise price of each domain.

That makes those web sites one of the maximum direct and quickest methods of buying expired domains.

Want to recognise the quality part?

You can look for applicable domains using search filters like domain age, rate, niche, and so on.

So, which websites need to you operate for this reason?

Here are a number of the maximum famous web sites to find expired domain names.

Expired Domains

Image thru Expired Domains
This website will clearly come up with a big listing of expired domain names—no fuss, no prolonged process, sincerely a database of expired domain names. You can then use its many filters to discover the relevant domains in your commercial enterprise. The satisfactory component is that it’s miles free to signal-up and begin using all of its exquisite features.


Image via RegisterCompass
This is any other site in which you can effortlessly find expired domains inside any area of interest. It has a database of over 1.Five million expired domain names as a way to choose from. To use this tool, however, you want to shop for their paid plan that costs $37 in keeping with month. You can also go for quarterly, annual, and lifetime plans.


Image via SpamZilla
This is one of the excellent sites to discover expired domains because it gives you an ordinary “SpamZilla Score” to evaluate the best of a domain. It tests unsolicited mail, back links, domain authority, and all other essential metrics to locate the great expired domain names for you.It also has a number of the most advanced filters to find the appropriate expired domain names to your business. They have a free plan that allows you to review 25 domains and a paid plan for $37 in line with month.

How to Select the Right Expired Domains
While expired domains may be simply useful for search engine optimization, not all domain names are really worth investing in. You need to vet the expired domains to choose the maximum applicable and useful ones.


Use the following parameters to choose a domain before you’re making a buy.

Analyze the one-way link profile of the expired domain names which you desire to buy. A properly web page will have:

A herbal backlink profile
Tons of one-way links from authoritative websites
Backlinks from web sites for your area of interest
You can use any of the famous SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs to behavior a radical evaluation of a website’s back link profile.

Using Ahrefs’ “Backlink Checker” as an example, you may analyze the backlinks of any domain definitely by typing its URL.

You will then get a detailed report with critical metrics like the quantity of referring domain names and the number of one way links.

Image via Ahrefs
Also, test the toxicity score and conduct a thorough one-way link audit to assess the best of those back-links.

This is probably the most critical parameter to evaluate the value of a domain, so pay special attention to it. Furthermore, back links are one of the most important Google ranking elements.

Once you are positive that the domain you need to shop for has a solid inbound link profile, move to the next set of parameters.

When shopping for expired domain names, make certain which you purchase those that had a consistent flow of site visitors once they were energetic. Chances are, whilst you make these domains lively once more, they’ll get a number of that visitors.

High traffic also shows that the web site has suitable content material that users observed applicable and useful. So, that offers you an brought advantage.

Make certain that the expired domains you’re inquisitive about buying have fantastic content material associated with your niche.

Otherwise, it will likely be a waste. No be counted how correct the content is, if it’s not associated with your enterprise, it’s now not beneficial for you.

But how are you going to check the content material of an inactive website?

You can test the archived model of any internet site at the Internet Archive.

Image thru Internet Archive
Domain Age
First things first—domain age isn’t always the same as internet site age. A domain is as vintage as the first time it turned into registered.

So, how does it rely?

Well, older domains typically keep extra search engine optimization price, for the reason that that they had a easy history.

There are many domain age checker equipment like DupliChecker’s Domain Age Checker that you can use to discover this data.

Domain Authority
One of the maximum vital components to study is the authority that a website has collected over the years. You can use MozRank to check any area’s web page authority and domain authority.

Image through Moz
MozRank analyzes each of those and offers a rating out of 100. The higher the rating, the better the authority of a domain.

As a rule of thumb, simplest purchase expired domain names with a rating of greater than 25.

You can also check Ahrefs’ “Domain Rating” metric to assess the authority of any domain. Simply use its loose “Website Authority Checker” and sort the domain URL and you’ll get the area score.

Images through Ahrefs
Any internet site or web web page is best beneficial for search engine optimization if it is well indexed via Google. Non-indexed pages may additionally as well now not exist, as they don’t make any contribution to SEO.

Use the Google Search Console to discover the indexing fame of a domain, mainly, the way it seemed like when Google final crawled it.

There is in reality no factor in buying expired domains that Google by no means listed. So, always test this aspect before you buy an expired domain.

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Bonus Tips
When deciding on an expired domain you ought to also check for domain name and records.

Go for domains which might be relevant on your area of interest, short, memorable, and beneficial. Going for names like abcxyz.Com isn’t always going to be beneficial for you.

Next, take a look at the area’s history to make sure that the web site turned into never penalized or into some spammy stuff.


Simply go to the Internet Archive (https://archive.Org/) and search for the area’s history. If the website has remained more or much less comparable through the years then that’s a very good sign.

Image via archive.Org
You can also search for the domain’s ancient visitors facts on Ahrefs to see if there were any most important dips, which might be a sign of a penalty.

Image through Ahrefs
Avoid such expired domain names that have had unexplained site visitors dips as this might be due to a Google penalty.


  1. Do expired domain names still paintings?

No, expired domain names are rendered inactive after their owner fails to pay for his or her registration renewal.

However, you could purchase expired domains, cause them to energetic once more, and use them on your benefit. If you do it proper, expired domain names can actually assist you enhance your net visitors, scores, or even authority.

  1. Can we purchase expired domains?

Yes, you could locate expired domain names from one of the following locations:

Domain registrars – these are websites that promote domain names and regularly have the option to sell expired domains as nicely. Some of these, like GoDaddy, can also offer the choice to bid in an auction for expired domain names.
Auction websites – these are the sites wherein expired domains are auctioned off to the best bidder.
Domain call marketplaces – these are specialised expired domain finder websites that assist you discover the right domains for some fee. Most of those sites could have advanced seek filters that will help you sort via the list of expired domain names and pick out the exceptional ones.

  1. What domain names are expiring?

If you want to be proactive and buy expiring domains which can be nonetheless lively, then you may do it the use of some of the domain finder sites like RegisterCompass. It has a separate phase for expiring domains where you could look for domain names that are due to expire inside the next 5 days.

It is a smart strategy to search for expiring domain names as those are not inactive but and haven’t misplaced their traffic or authority due to that. If you make a purchase just after a website expires, you gained’t require an awful lot effort to redesign it to its full glory.

Four. Why need to I purchase expired domain names?

Expired domains let you along with your search engine marketing in case you learn how to use them. You can use those expired domain names to:

Create a microsite
Direct site visitors in your web site
Build a blog network
Recover the vintage website
Resell for a earnings
Some expired domain names could have had an excellent amount of traffic and authority before they became inactive. You can take gain of such expired domains to reinforce your own internet visitors, scores, and authority.

  1. How can I audit expired domains?

You can audit and select the proper expired domains through vetting them on the following parameters:

Backlinks – Buy domains with tremendous oneway links from authoritative sites in your area of interest.
Traffic – Choose domains which have a constant float of site visitors, preferably those who fit your audience.
Content – Buy websites which have beneficial and relevant content material that would resonate with your target audience.
Domain age – Older domains keep extra value than newer ones, given that that they had a clean history.
Domain Authority – Check the area authority of a website earlier than making a decision to spend money on it.
Indexing – Only buy websites that have been nicely listed by using Google, as non-indexed domains are nearly useless.
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Ready to Find and Use Expired Domains for SEO?
If you are starting a new website and need a headstart in phrases of site visitors and authority then the usage of expired domain names is your exceptional choice.

These are specifically critical for off-page search engine marketing as those can instantly come up with tons of oneway links and authority without doing some thing at all.

You can both recover an vintage website and begin using it or make it a part of your predominant internet site via developing a microsite. There are unique methods to leverage such inactive domain names and make them useful. Need extra assist along with your search engine optimization method to reinforce visitors, rankings, and authority? Download our last SEO Checklist to up your search engine marketing game and advantage an advantage over your competitors.

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