How to Leverage Google Keyword Planner to the Maximum for SEO

How to Leverage Google Keyword Planner to the Maximum for SEO

How to Leverage Google Keyword Planner to the Maximum for SEO

How to Leverage Google Keyword Planner to the Maximum for search engine marketing

Wondering how you could leverage Google Keyword Planner for SEO and locate the proper type of key-word?

Google Keyword Planner is one of the maximum versatile equipment in relation to search engine optimization.

Want to recognise the great component? It’s loose to use. No strings connected.

What approximately the statistics nice?

Can you even query it when it’s coming right from the biggest search engine within the international?

Whether you’re just starting on your search engine marketing journey or were there a while, you ought to know how to use Google Keyword Planner the proper manner.

Let’s get started out.

How to apply Google Keyword Planner from an SEO attitude
Table of Contents

1 Google Keyword Planner: Why Should You Use it?
2 How to Create a Google Keyword Planner Account (For Free)
3 How to Use Google Keyword Planner
3.1 Start with Keywords
three.1.1 Keyword Results Page
3.2 Start with a Website
four How to Select the Right Keywords
4.1 1. Relevance
four.2 2. Intent
four.3 three. Keyword Volume
4.4 four. Competition
four.5 five. Bid Price
5 How to Organize Your Keywords
five.1 Add to Plan
five.2 Add to Group
6 How to Choose Negative Keywords
7 How to Get More Accurate Volumes
eight FAQs
nine Get Started with Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner: Why Should You Use it?
Google Keyword Planner is possibly one of the maximum underrated search engine optimization tools in the market although it has numerous blessings for customers.

Whether you’re creating new content material or upgrading old content, keywords play an essential role anywhere. This, in turn, underscores the significance of keyword studies tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Here are some reasons why you need to do not forget using Google Keyword Planner:

✔ 100% Free to use

✔ Access to correct search volume statistics

✔ Ability to locate key phrases the use of competition’ URLs

✔ Location-specific key phrases are also available.

✔ Accurate Google Ads bid pricing (low and excessive bids)

✔ Possible to export all the key phrases in CSV format

✔ Data on rating competitors

✔ Advanced filters to find the exact key phrases.

Now that you understand why it helps to apply Google Keyword Planner, permit’s test how you can begin leveraging it.

How to Create a Google Keyword Planner Account (For Free)
If you know the way serps paintings, you’d understand how crucial key-word research is. And that, in turn, makes a Google Keyword Planner honestly important.

To get started with Google Keyword Planner, you may head to this link. If you already have a Google account, you can log in the usage of the same. Alternatively, you could create a brand new Google Ads account too.

Image through Google Keyword Planner
On the upcoming pages, you’ll be requested for a few records about your self and your commercial enterprise, which include its website.

Google can also ask you for billing statistics. If it does so, don’t fear. You’ll simplest be billed in case you run any advertisements, now not for the usage of the Google Keyword Planner.

Once you’ve completed the signal-up process, you’ll land on the principle page. There, you could click on “Tools & Settings” to open a dropdown menu. In that menu, you may click on on Keyword Planner.

Image thru Google Keyword Planner
That’s all. Your Google Keyword Planner account is installation and also you’re geared up to start finding keywords for your internet site and incorporating them for your content for higher on-page search engine marketing.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner
Finding keywords on your content material is one of the first steps in improving your search engine optimization. To find out the other steps, test out this search engine marketing checklist that covers all essential components of search engine marketing.

Once you click on “Keyword Planner”, you’ll see alternatives: “Discover new key phrases” and “Get seek extent and forecasts”.

The first option helps you to locate new key phrases based at the number one seek term which you enter. On the alternative hand, the second one option showcases the hunt volumes for keywords together with other historic metrics and gives future forecasts as well.

The first choice is the one that we are able to discuss on this publish. So allow’s get started with the aid of choosing it. You’ll get a display that seems like this:

Here, you’ll have two alternatives: “Start with Keywords “and “Start with a Website”. The first option helps you discover new keywords on your content based totally at the primary key-word that you enter.

The 2nd alternative is available in handy whilst you want to study all approximately the key phrases that your competition are currently rating for. It’s a super starting point for competitor analysis.

Let’s first explore the first option.

Start with Keywords
In the hunt box that looks, you can enter primary search phrases associated with the goods, services, or topics you’re focused on.

For example, if you’re looking for key phrases associated with the submit you’re analyzing presently, a number of the hunt terms you may enter are:

Google key-word planner guide
Google keyword planner defined

A phrase of warning here — don’t be too particular when you’re entering the primary search terms. This might reduce the wide variety of applicable keywords that Google Keyword Planner comes up with.

For example, don’t use primary terms like:

How can I use google key-word planner
Steps to use google key-word planner
At the same time, strive now not to be too commonplace as which can display many unnecessary keyword guidelines. Here are a few examples of generic primary terms:

Google key-word planner
Keyword studies
Instead, you can strike a balance between the two through the use of terms like:

Google Keyword Planner manual
Keyword research tools
What’s extra?

You can also filter the key phrases primarily based on a selected domain in order that handiest the ones key phrases which might be applicable for your domain will seem inside the list.

And guess what?

You can input a couple of number one phrases to get an accurate listing of related keywords. For this, all you’ve were given to do is input each primary term with a comma.

Before you click on the “Get Results” button, there’s nevertheless a few work to be executed.

Google Keyword Planner also offers you the choice of language and vicinity filters. This way, you could get keywords from your goal language and location.

The region, mainly, is critical as the statistics related to volume and ad bid costs relies upon on the places you pick.

To target a particular location, all you’ve got to do is input its name in the box. You can enter the name of a metropolis, kingdom, or u . S . Here. On coming into a location, you’ll also see the expected attain that Google has for that location.

Once you’re completed deciding on your target language and vicinity, pass in advance and click on “Get Results”.

Keyword Results Page
Clicking on “Get Results” will deliver up a page that lists down all the related keywords. There’s heaps of facts right here so it is able to get overwhelming if you’re seeing it for the primary time.

However, know-how the web page in all fairness smooth.

Let’s start with the pinnacle-most phase. This section suggests you the statistics you’ve already entered within the search bar and you can in addition regulate it from right here.

Additionally, Google Keyword Planner indicates some related keywords here that you could upload on your seek to increase the number of results.

Towards the proper, the “Refine Keywords” container showcases the various filters that you could apply to refine the keyword seek even further. This assist you to spot branded keywords, clear out key phrases by using yr, and more.

The center of the web page is dedicated to the list of applicable goal keywords and their metrics. This list suggests the following:

Keywords: These are the keywords which can be associated with your seek phrases and they’re looked after primarily based on their relevance.
Average monthly searches: Average monthly searches metric gives the common search quantity for every of the keywords listed. It lets in you to discern out which key phrases you should target.
However, the largest downside right here is that the quest volumes aren’t very unique. Instead, you’d see a variety like 10K-100K.
Competition: This indicates you the level of opposition for a selected keyword. The opposition is split into Low, Medium, and High. It’s less difficult to rank for key phrases with decrease competition.
Top of the web page bid (high variety): This indicates you the cost in keeping with click (CPC) which you’d usually need to pay to rank on the top of the paid effects at the search engine outcomes web page (SERP) of this keyword.
Top of the web page bid (low range): This determine suggests you the CPC which you’d need to pay to rank at the bottom of the paid search consequences on the key-word’s SERP.
It also gives a huge range of filters to similarly refine your keyword list. Some of the filters include:

Excluding key phrases already to your plan
Level of competition
Bid tiers
Organic impression percentage
Organic common position

Start with a Website
Now which you recognise how you may do key-word research using the number one seek phrases technique, let’s check how you may discover key phrases through the area/internet site approach.

In this technique, you’ve to start by using entering the area or the link to a selected page.

You can select among the use of the whole website or a single web page for analyzing the key phrases.

Additionally, you could add filters for the usa and language just the manner you may do in the keywords technique.

Once you’ve selected the best configuration, click on “Get Results”.

The page that comes up is much like the one you’ve seen in advance and has the very same factors.

Pro Tip: This technique works as an splendid manner to identify the keywords that your competition are ranking for.

Based on these, you could get new key-word thoughts and start developing content round them. This, in flip, could enable you to outrank your competition for the ones keywords.

How to Select the Right Keywords
Now that you’ve were given an idea of the way to behavior key-word research the usage of Google Keyword Planner, you have to discover ways to pick out the proper keywords.

Here are the numerous things which you ought to take into account even as deciding on target keywords.

  1. Relevance
    The most important component that you need to keep in mind while choosing a keyword for your emblem is its relevance.

Based on the primary search term which you’ve entered, you’ll probably find severa keywords inside the list on Google Keyword Planner. However, all of these won’t necessarily be relevant to your emblem.

This is in which you’d require a few level of guide attempt. Even if your key-word listing is taken care of in descending order of relevance, you shouldn’t blindly pick up the primary few ones. Instead, recall every key-word independently and analyze if it’s relevant in your brand.

Doing so is specifically vital in case you’re strolling Google Ads as your ad high-quality score will rely on it.

Pro Tip: If the key-word aligns flawlessly with your content material, it’s probably going to bring about a higher pleasant score.

  1. Intent
    If you’re accomplishing key-word research for a specific content material idea, you need to additionally do not forget the keyword’s search cause. This is because each keyword addresses a specific seek cause.

Search reason is important to the fulfillment of your content because it’s the entire idea at the back of your target market’s seek query. If there’s a mismatch in the seek reason and content, it’s in all likelihood that your content won’t rank nicely.

That’s why you need to personally analyze each keyword and search for the cause behind it and create plagiarism-free content material that meets the search intent.

You can extensively divide keyword motive into four categories:

Navigational: The intent in the back of those kinds of key phrases is to discover a store or a website at the net.
Informational: These keywords are used to accumulate data approximately a topic, product, business, and many others.
Commercial: The cause behind those keywords is to locate the first-rate merchandise, offerings, or brands.
Transactional: These are high-purchase-purpose key phrases which might be used while a person is ready to shop for something.

Pro Tip: Consider a combination of all four sorts of keywords to make sure that you have site visitors for all sections of your income funnel.

  1. Keyword Volume
    Yet every other important consideration for key-word selection is the search volume for every key-word. As formerly mentioned, Google Keyword Planner doesn’t offer specific volumes. However, it does give the range of search volumes which can provide you with a honest idea of what number of human beings search for the keyword each month.

Why is the keyword volume vital?

The purpose is easy—in case you rank for keywords with higher volumes, you is probably capable of force a number of site visitors for your internet site. On the other hand, key phrases with low seek volumes may not power as a lot traffic.

You might also spend a giant quantity of money and time on content material improvement so it makes experience to get the maximum out of your content through focused on keywords with a decent seek extent.

Pro Tip: Consider selecting those keywords with decrease competition and better volumes. Alternatively, pick out excessive-quantity key phrases if they’re matching your seek purpose.

Four. Competition
Another issue that topics is the level of opposition for each keyword. As noted before, lower competition method that it might be less complicated to rank for that keyword within the SERPs. On the opposite hand, the excessive difficulty might mean that it would be hard to attain the pinnacle of the SERPs for those key phrases.


It’s because numerous other prominent websites are already vying for the pinnacle positions for the ones keywords.

There are also the medium opposition keywords wherein there’s a certain degree of trouble in ranking.

Your intention need to be to spot keywords which have low competition but higher volumes. This is particularly critical in case you’re just starting out.

Typically, long-tail keywords have lower volume and competition. On the alternative hand, brief-tail well-known key phrases generally tend to have greater extent and opposition.

Pro Tip: Choose lengthy-tail keywords to rank speedy within the SERPs and start building your site visitors.

  1. Bid Price
    Finally, the remaining issue that wishes to be taken under consideration is the bid fee. You’ll word that there’s a huge variation inside the bid price for special key phrases within the listing of keyword ideas.

In truth, a few keywords may not actually have any bid price displayed in Google Keyword Planner.

Why ought to you take into account the bid fee?

It’s because rating on key phrases with better bid prices would be greater profitable for your business.

Higher CPC key phrases could suggest that the site visitors coming on your internet site is more treasured monetarily. This could be treasured to increase your profits, especially in case you’re monetizing your internet site via Google advertisements.

On the other hand, if you’re making plans to run Google Ads on your business, you need to search for keywords with better search quantity and decrease CPC. This could assist you limit your advert expenses and yet power visitors on your website.

Pro Tip: High CPC key phrases have more business rationale. This, in flip, translates into extra visitors from people who’re interested by shopping for from you. These key phrases can immediately boost your backside line.

How to Organize Your Keywords
After deciding on your keywords, you want with the intention to arrange them well. This is crucial so that you can without problems control all your key phrases instead of having them all around the area.

Thankfully, you don’t need to visit another platform to arrange your key phrases. You can do all of it in Google Keyword Planner itself.

There are two ways to prepare your keywords.

Including them in a master listing (Add to Plan)
Adding them to a custom group (Add to Ad Group)
Add to Plan
Once you’ve got the listing of keywords, you can click at the container to the left of the key-word to pick it. This will deliver up the “Add to Plan” dropdown.

The Plan right here is the grasp key-word list. You can click at the dropdown here to pick out the campaign that you need. This can are available available to organize all of the key phrases for a particular marketing campaign.

Once you’ve decided on all the keywords, you may click on on “Add Keyword to Plan”. However, make certain which you pick “Exact Match” and now not “Broad Match”.

Pro Tip: Using vast suit might help you add the entire gamut of similar keywords on your plan. However, that could also imply that your advert could show up for a number of keywords.

Add to Group
The different way of organizing keywords is by using including them to a specific ad group. These ad businesses are corporations of associated keywords.

To add keywords to advert groups, you could click on on the square container next to the keywords after which pick the ad group to that you’d like to add them to.

You also can create new ad agencies via clicking at the dropdown button. Finally, you can select among a extensive or exact healthy and click on on “Add Keyword to Plan”.

Pro Tip: You can group keywords of comparable subjects beneath one ad organization to make it less complicated to release advertisements.

How to Choose Negative Keywords
Negative key phrases are crucial components of Google Ads and you can select them through Google Keyword Planner.

But what exactly are they?

They’re the keywords which you don’t want your ad campaigns to reveal up for. In a nutshell, negative keywords let you pick what not to target through your advertisements.

For instance, in case you’re selling eyeglasses, your ad may additionally nevertheless show up for other key phrases related to glasses which includes “wine glasses” or “window glass”.

You can add the ones keywords on your list of poor key phrases in order that your ad doesn’t show up for them. This can assist in more efficient utilization of your advert price range.

There are three sorts of poor key phrases:

Broad in shape: Ad gained’t show up if all phrases of your terrible keyword are in the search time period irrespective of the order.
Phrase healthy: The ad won’t display if all of the terms of your bad key-word are inside the seek time period inside the exact order.
Exact match: The ad will display up for all searches except those where the precise negative key-word is used.
Based to your necessities, you may choose whether or not to feature your negative key phrases as extensive, phrase, or exact suit.

So, how will you pick terrible key phrases the usage of Google Keyword Planner?

The technique in all fairness simple — all you’ve to do is click on the field next to the key-word to pick it. Once that’s executed, you could click on on “More” and select “Add as a terrible keyword”.

Post that, you can pick out whether or not you need to feature the keyword as a Broad, Phrase, or Exact healthy.

Pro Tip: Try using specific or phrase healthy poor keywords for green utilization of the function. If you end up using too many poor key phrases, it may limit the attain of your advertisements. The chances of this occurring are more with wide healthy terrible keywords.

How to Get More Accurate Volumes
As referred to in advance, Google Keyword Planner tool best shows you difficult estimates for search volumes of every key-word.

Want to locate more specific search volumes?

Well, there’s a way thru which you could discover that out. However, it’d value you some cash.

You want to release a marketing campaign for the key phrases you’re interested in. If you run Google Ads campaigns for a month, you’ll be capable of see your advert impressions. This essentially would be the entire seek extent for that key-word.

Pro Tip: Running ads isn’t the most convenient manner to discover keyword extent. That’s why it facilitates to leverage every other tool like Semrush or Ahrefs in conjunction with Google Keyword Planner for higher key-word research.


  1. How do I access Google Keyword Planner?

To get admission to Keyword Planner, you can head to ads.Google.Com and click on on “Sign In”. Once you’ve logged into Google Ads, you can click on “Tools & Settings”. In the dropdown menu that opens, click on on Keyword Planner to access Google Keyword Planner.

  1. Can I use Google Keyword Planner for free?

Yes, you may. Google Keyword Planner is a unfastened device offered via Google and all you need to do is sign on for a Google Ads account to get admission to it. You is probably asked on your billing facts but you gained’t be billed until you run a Google Ads marketing campaign.

  1. How do I get new idea keywords?

There are fundamental approaches to get new keywords at the Google Keyword tool. The first approach involves getting into some primary seek terms into the container. Based on these phrases, a list of relevant keywords will display up. You can choose the nice ones from that.

The other technique works properly to find keywords your competitors are using and ranking for. You can start with the aid of getting into the domain of your competitor and Google Keyword Planner will provide you with a list of key phrases relevant to them. From there, you could pick the excellent ones in your logo.

Four. How does Google keyword planner paintings?

Google Keyword Planner works on the idea of supplying applicable keywords primarily based on primary seek terms you enter or keywords applicable to a specific domain. All you need to do is open it and enter the primary key phrases or your competition’ domain names to get started out.

  1. Is Google Keyword Planner accurate?

Yes, Google Keyword Planner could be very correct as the data comes immediately from Google. However, the quest volumes are rounded off and installed brackets of tens, masses, and lots. As a result, you wouldn’t get the most precise estimates from it immediately except you run advertisements.

There’s greater…
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Get Started with Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner is one of the finest, if now not the most flexible keyword research equipment available.

It lets you find keywords applicable for your brand based totally on sure number one search terms you enter. Additionally, you could locate keywords that any area is ranking for.

From this list of key phrases, you may select the proper ones to your logo with the aid of filtering them out based totally on their relevance, extent, competition, and bid fee.

That’s no longer all!

You can also organize these key phrases into distinctive Ad Groups and Ad Plans.

Finally, to get accurate search volumes, you may keep in mind jogging commercials for each key-word and look at the impressions generated.

Need greater help together with your SEO attempt? Check out our SEO checklist that covers all crucial elements of SEO that you want to work on to improve your ratings.

Also, feel unfastened to ask any questions you may have on the topic by using leaving a remark.

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