The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Manager

The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Manager

Over 10 million human beings advertise on Facebook. And it’s smooth to understand why when you take a look at the statistics: Facebook has about 2.7 billion users, and those are actually spending more than hours a day on social media systems.

That’s a variety of attention! No count who your target market is — age, gender, profession, (almost) something — you’ll make sure to attain them via Facebook ads.

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How do entrepreneurs create, control, and analyze their Facebook advertisements?
The brief solution is Facebook Ads Manager.

While it could look intimidating before everything glance, after you get to recognise Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll find it’s an excellent tool, offering the entirety you want to optimize your commercials and deliver a success campaigns.

Chapter 1: Getting began
Where is Facebook Ads Manager?
The simplest way to find Facebook Ads Manager is to bookmark the direct link. You might be delivered without delay into the Facebook Ads Manager of your non-public advert account. If you control more than one ad account, use the account dropdown menu to choose the proper one.

To navigate to Ads Manager proper from your enterprise Page, head to the left sidebar and click on on the “Ad Center” dropdown arrow of any Facebook Page, then select “All Ads” from the dropdown. At the bottom of that Page, there may be an choice to click “Ads Manager.”

Finally, there is a Facebook Ads Manager app to be had for mobile.

How to set up your Ads Manager account
When you join up for Facebook, you’re given a non-public advert account ID by default. You can see this ID by using going to Ads Manager and looking in the upper left-hand corner.

In order to apply Facebook Ads Manager, you need a verified payment approach and:

A Facebook Page or
Be an admin, editor, or advertiser on someone else’s Page
If you do not have a Page to your commercial enterprise, you may follow Facebook’s steps. Any Page you create could be robotically given an advert account.

If there is a Page you want to put it up for sale for that became created through a person else, you want to invite the Page admin to assign you an admin, editor, or advertiser function on the Page.

If you already have an existing ad account in your Page but would really like to create a new one, you’ll need to have a Business Manager account. Once you join up for Business Manager, you could create a new advert account.

How to get your teammates installation in your Facebook Ads account
If you want your teammates to control and create Facebook commercials, you’ll want to grant them get right of entry to on your Facebook Ads account and assign them the right advertising and marketing roles.

An “Analyst” can see handiest your advert overall performance. This position is super for someone who only wishes your Facebook commercials’ information to create reports.
An “Advertiser” can view, edit, and create commercials the use of the charge technique associated with your advert account. This function is exceptional for a person who needs to create commercials but does no longer have get admission to to the fee information (e.G., a contract marketer or a companion company).
An “Admin” can edit the price info and manage the jobs on top of the whole lot an “Analyst” and an “Advertiser” can do. This function suits someone who desires to control the ad account, including permissions, billing, price information, and advert spending restriction.
To add a person in your ad account:

Navigate to Ads Manager Settings.
Under Ad Account Roles, pick out Add People.
Add the individual you want to present access to via typing of their call or electronic mail address. You can simplest deliver advert account permissions to human beings who have personal Facebook bills.
Use the dropdown menu to choose their role and then click Confirm.
Note: Facebook Page roles, Facebook Business Manager roles, and advert account roles are not the identical. Even if you are the admin of your organisation’s Facebook Page or Business Manager, you won’t have get entry to on your organisation’s ad account.

Finding your way across the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard
Once you’re in Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll see the campaign dashboard. There’s plenty to soak up, but don’t worry, we will walk you thru it all.

We’ll focus on three foremost components for now: the campaigns plus their left and proper menus.

On the left
Hit the home alternative on the pinnacle to be taken to the Business Suite. Here you’ll find updates, messages, and analytics on all your Facebook and Instagram profiles.
Click the hamburger menu to open navigation to a spread of locations inclusive of account installation, Events Manager, Creative Hub, and analytics.
Hit your profile picture to exchange advert bills and the clock icon under it to peer an account review for your preferred advert account.
Toward the lowest, you’ll see settings, account notifications, a seek characteristic, and help sources.
On the right
The right-aspect menu is used to edit campaigns, see their history, and check out additional analytics. More on this whilst we talk approximately reporting underneath.

Your campaigns
All of your campaigns are proven within the middle. Your Facebook advert campaigns are made from three elements shown throughout the pinnacle in tab layout: advert campaign, ad units, and commercials. Each advert marketing campaign can include multiple ad units, and each ad set can include numerous advert creatives.

Let’s resolve these terms.

A campaign is wherein you choose your objective. Once selected, you may begin making advert sets along with your audience, ad placement, and finances.
There may be a couple of ad sets under a marketing campaign if you need to target distinct audiences and use distinct placements under one single goal.
And an advert is where you decide on imagery and messaging. There also can be many ads beneath an advert set in case you want to cut up check what creative elements work exceptional on your advert set.
Chapter 2: Creating and enhancing Facebook ads
How to create advertisements the use of Facebook Ads Manager
While the dashboard might appear overwhelming, the real ad advent manner is pretty truthful. To get began with creating an ad, really click the prominent inexperienced “Create” button.

Once you click on to create a new ad, choose your campaign objectives from the categories brand consciousness, attention, and conversions. You will then define other factors of your campaign, like target market concentrated on, advert placement, advert price range, advert layout, advert creative, and extra. Facebook will walk you through these steps one by one, however if you’d want to learn greater approximately every of those steps, take a look at out our amateur’s manual to creating Facebook Ads.

Note: Once you publish your ad, Facebook can take up to 24 hours to study it. Once Facebook approves it, you’ll be notified and your advert will pass stay. Don’t strain out approximately hitting “Publish” in your Facebook ad; it’s clean to go returned in and make modifications as soon as it’s live.

How to edit ads the usage of Facebook Ads Manager
Not each ad is ideal. For instance, you would possibly observe a typo on your ad handiest after it’s stay. Or maybe an ad set is performing nicely, and also you want to boom its price range. No worries. Editing an advert in Facebook Ads Manager is extremely good easy.

To replace any part of your existing marketing campaign, hover over the ad name and click on at the edit icon. A popup will slide in from the proper, where you could edit the campaign, ad set, or advert.

A cool characteristic of Facebook Ads Manager is that it permits you to edit multiple Facebook campaigns, ad units, or advertisements immediately. To bulk edit a group of campaigns, advert sets, or commercials, check the containers inside the first column and select “Edit” within the navigation bar.

For campaigns, you can:

Modify the campaign name
Set campaign spending limits and exchange budgets
Switch the campaign on or off
For ad sets, you may:

Edit the ad set’s name
Modify the start and quit dates
Set minimal and maximum spend quantities
Edit your target audience
Change advert placements
Edit the optimization and transport
For advertisements, you can:

Edit the advert name
Change the destination (i.E., the Facebook Page wherein your advert is coming from)
Edit the innovative elements of the advert (image, textual content, link, name to motion)
Specify URL parameters
Chapter 3: Facebook commercials reporting
You can use Facebook’s analytics to look how your commercials are appearing. One thing to look for is if your commercials align along with your social media dreams for your commercial enterprise.

For example, in case you are the use of Facebook commercials to pressure signups on your product, you might be curious to know which advert to your campaign is driving the maximum signups, how many human beings signed up thru the ones advertisements, and how much every signup value you.

Search and filter: Finding the relevant campaigns, ad units, or advertisements
You can find any of your campaigns, ad units, and ads by way of the usage of the quest bar at the top of Ads Manager. Type in seek terms and select from a list of anticipated searches or select a filter out from the dropdown.

Narrow down your seek with the aid of typing in:

Campaign call
Ad set call
Ad call
Campaign ID
Ad set ID
Or clear out by:

Saved searches
Campaign, ad set, or advert metrics
Attribution settings
Recently changed
A/B check
Special advert category
Test call
Select the arrow next to a filter category to look greater designated searches. Choose your filters and choose Apply.

Additionally, you can specify the date range via clicking the dates subsequent to the hunt and clear out bar. Toggle the “Compare” feature to see how your commercials are acting towards a distinct date variety.

This will provide you with the choice to see your ads within the following date levels:

Last 7 days
Last 14 days
Last 30 days
This week
Last week
This month
Last month
Columns and breakdowns: Getting the critical statistics to your advert reporting
Facebook gives you with a wealth of records for all of your advertisements. Customize your reviews through choosing which columns to display or by breaking down ad performance primarily based on factors like target market and attain.

Choose columns to research ad performance
To assist you find relevant information quick, there are numerous presets of columns so that you can explore.

Performance: Results, reach, quantity spent, and many others.
Setup: Bid approach, price range, goal, and so on.
Delivery: Reach, frequency, CPM, impressions, and so forth.
Engagement: People taking action, reactions, remarks, shares, etc.
Video Engagement: Two-second continuous video performs, fee according to -2d non-stop video plays, through performs, and so on.
App Engagement: Mobile app installs, cellular app moves, fee in line with cell app set up, and many others.
Carousel Engagement: Reach, frequency, impressions, clicks, and many others.
Performance and Clicks: Attribution setting, consequences, reach, cost, and many others.
Cross-Device: Website moves, cell apps installed, conversion value, and so on.
Offline Conversions: Purchase, price according to purchase, and many others.
Targeting and Creative: Attribution setting, attain, frequency, and many others.
Bidding and Optimization: Results, price consistent with result, bid strategy, finances, and so on.
Messenger Engagement: Link clicks, messaging replies, blocked messaging connections, and many others.
Digital Circular: Instant enjoy outbound clicks, immediate experience impressions, and so on.
If none of those presets suits your desires, you could both personalize the presets or create your very own presets from scratch via deciding on “Customize Columns…” in the dropdown.

A popup will appear, and you can deselect or choose greater metrics (or columns) consistent with your needs.

Each column can be taken care of by using clicking at the heading with the identify. If you need explanation approximately every metric, hover over the call and a popup will come up with more facts.

Get more detail with breakdowns
The breakdown function permits you to get even greater granular with your Facebook ads insights.

You can spoil down the facts by means of:

Delivery (e.G., age, location, or platform)
Action (e.G., conversion device, destination, or video view kind)
Time (e.G., day, week, or month)
You’re able to pick out up to at least one criterion from every segment (e.G., one from Delivery, one from Action, and one from Time).

This is an example of how your reporting desk may look after selecting the proper columns and breakdown:

Exporting, sharing, and saving Facebook advertisements reviews
Once you’re satisfied with the data to your record, you could:

Export: You can down load the statistics as an Excel or CSV file.
Create Custom Report: Further customize your file earlier than downloading.
Share: This option offers you a link to the view of statistics you created, which you could share with human beings who have access to your ad account.
If you’re now not certain which choice to select, Facebook additionally affords some trendy reports to pick out from.

Chapter four: Understanding the overall performance of your Facebook commercials
Analyzing your advert overall performance will assist you create extra powerful advertisements within the future. Facebook Ads Manager permits you to drill down in each of your campaigns, advert sets, or advertisements, presenting greater specific records, along with consequences over time and demographics breakdown.

Remember the other menu we mentioned on the right-hand facet of Facebook Ads Manager? This is in which that menu comes into play.

Choose the campaigns, advert units, or advertisements you wish to look analytics on, and then hit “View Charts” on that right-side menu. This opens a visible illustration of your advert’s performance.

In this multiplied view, you will see various metrics in your campaign.

Performance: This chart indicates link clicks, people reached, and the amount spent. If you scroll over the road chart, you will see man or woman effects for that day reflected within the chart. Click “Custom” to isolate certain metrics.
Demographics: This chart shows how your advert accomplished throughout extraordinary ages and genders. Scroll over every section to see character effects for each age organization. You can clear out effects at the top.
Platform: This tab shows you how your ad completed across unique platforms (e.G., Facebook or Instagram) and placements (e.G., Facebook computer right column or Instagram cell News Feed). You can view statistics like advert effects, impressions, attain, and amount spent across systems. You can also compare facts on mobile vs. Laptop.
Delivery: Here, you may see the predicted and delivered fee for reach, impressions, and amount spent.
Chapter 5: Quickfire overview of other beneficial functions
Outside of the Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll find some extra tools. They are on hand thru the menu button within the upper-left nook of your Facebook Ads Manager.

Audience Insights
Audience Insights facilitates you study more about your target audience with aggregated information approximately their demographics, region, conduct, and extra.

If you’re eager to reach this target market, you could hit the blue “Create Ad” button to create an ad concentrated on this target market.

The Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel is a chunk of code that allows you to leverage movements taken to your website to create better Facebook commercials. By putting the Pixel code in your internet site, you may music conversions for your website, optimize your advertisements for conversions, and remarket to human beings who have visited your web site or taken specific movements on your website online.

You can set up and song your Pixel by way of the usage of Events Manager.

Relevant assets
There’s a lot to find out about Facebook Ads Manager, and we have simply touched the floor of Facebook advertising. If you’re interested by studying greater and diving deeper into Facebook advertising, check out these useful gear and sources.

Facebook Ads Manager cellular apps
If you want to manage your Facebook Ads at the pass, download the Facebook Ads Manager app for iOS and Android. With the app, you can create advertisements, control your campaigns, get notifications approximately your advert performance, and check the metrics of your ads.

For extra Facebook advertising gear, Neil Patel has written up a top notch list of 9 Facebook advertising gear that’ll prevent time and money.

Facebook’s Creative Hub
Facebook’s Creative Hub is one in all its contemporary gear for advertisers and entrepreneurs. This platform allows you to create mock-usaof ads, preview them as though they are stay on a Facebook News Feed or Instagram Feed, and collaborate and share thoughts with your group. Facebook has incredible resources if you need to analyze more approximately the Creative Hub.

Meta’s Blueprint publications
Meta (Facebook’s discern agency) has created many applications and resources for improving the fine of your Facebook ads. Its Blueprint publications cover the entirety, from writing your advert copy and growing movies for the cell feed to getting the most out of the Facebook pixel.

Facebook ad specifications and sizes
Getting the right specifications and sizes in your advert visuals is crucial to your advert to perform. We recognise that these can exchange quite often, so right here’s a hyperlink to the today’s Facebook ad specifications.

Things continuously alternate in the Facebook platform
Thanks for staying with us for the duration of this manual! With matters moving so quick at Facebook, there’s a danger a number of this data is probably old by the time you read it (hopefully no longer!). If you spot some thing that wishes updating when you consider that we published this submit, let us realize. We are eager to preserve this guide up to date and beneficial for you.

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